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chris siemens

Hi, I'm Chris Siemens, The Artist Behind AGAIN Visual Art.

I established AGAIN Visual Art in 2010 and I've had a passion for art for as long as I can remember. Currently my focus is on Canadian landscape oil paintings, however I also create detailed charcoal portrait sketches and work with other media.

My strongest desire is to express God's love for us, and one of the greatest inspirations is our beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery. I also want to convey the finished beauty of nature, the power of design
and the wildness of creativity.

Thank you for stopping by to take a look at my work and support the
arts and culture of Canada!


I create because I want to and because I must. Creativity is a vital part of being truly alive. It fuels life, joy and hope. It's an adventure to experiment with materials, find out how they work and what you will be able to create - and to push yourself until you can visually recreate the sense of what inspired you.

Communicating beauty is important to me, so when people appreciate that and share the process of doing that work, it is fulfilling and changes our culture.


Kind Words

"Because I have visited many of the places that Chris has managed to wrestle onto canvas, I very much enjoy the window of memories that he provides through his work. Anyone who has travelled British Columbia or would like to have a piece of western Canadian landscape in their house can find something to relate to in his collection. I have many prints of his hanging in my house. I would describe his style as realistic with an eye for the unusual: a fallen tree at sunset, some off-centre garden tulips, a close up of angular rocks… You can be confident that Chris has definitely visited the places he is capturing, climbing mountains and trekking through forests to attain these moments! And not only landscapes, but his abstract work, portraits, photography, and graphic designs are amazing!"

- Michaela Harwood


QUALITY Craftmanship

When I paint, I use Gamblin Oils and other Gamblin mediums. They are professional, archival paints that I enjoy using. The colours are strong and the texture is smooth. When I'm making art with other mediums, I always find the best quality materials that I can. I do this because art is a combination of the skill of the artist and the skill of those who create the material.

Featured In:

We Make Stuff Volume 02

Creator Of:

The We Have So Much To Give Annual Art Show




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